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Townhome Living: A Path to Convenience & Community

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, townhome living stands out as a beacon of modernity and practicality. Our townhomes offer a variety of benefits that cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences, making them a savvy choice for homeowners seeking a blend of affordability, flexibility, and community.Affordability and FlexibilityFirst and … Read More

Benefits Of Buying A New Construction Home

Finding a home that checks all your boxes in your ideal neighborhood can leave you frustrated by bidding wars, seemingly endless searches or expensive renovations. While trying to decide if a resale home or new construction is right for you, there are several factors to consider. Buying a new construction home can have several advantages. Let’s explore. Read More

New Home Purchasing Options That Battle Inflation and Rising Interest Rates

It’s no secret that the market is changing.  Although interest rates are not at the 10% of the ‘80s or even the 8% of the ‘90s, the sharp change from 2.7% to over 5% in 2022 does not feel good.  In addition, constructions costs have escalated sharply within the past … Read More

What's In a Name: Onyx+East

One thing I love about Onyx+East is the value we place on the names we choose for communities, streets, floorplans and even our conference rooms.  Each name is thoughtfully chosen with the goal of accentuating an identity that is found in the history or location of what is being named.  … Read More

flat lays of pieces in our townhomes

Interior Design Trends: 2020

The pendulum is always swinging for design trends. Out of all of the newest trends this year; patterns on patterns, bold monochromatic colors, two-tone kitchens, etc… it is clear that they all focus on two things: personality and uniqueness.Design trends experts predict homeowners will start to reveal a lot about themselves through … Read More

Reflecting on Our Vision

To support our belief in the growing demand for walkable, urban communities in Indianapolis, Onyx+East continues to pursue new locations to develop.  Our vision for every O+E project is to create a long-lasting, well-planned neighborhood that will positively impact the community at-large while offering a lifestyle of convenience for our residents giving them time to do what they enjoy with the people they value most. Read More

Preparing for the Home of the Future

March of 2020 will likely be remembered as a turning point in America’s long storied housing industry. Unlike the financial crisis of 2008, housing may now be more of the cure than the cause. Read More

Opportunity to Innovate

Onyx+East has held innovation as a core value from day one. From the product we build, the neighborhoods we build in, and the way we interact with our customers and stakeholders, we strive to incorporate innovative ideas and principals in all that we do. To that end, we will be starting a new blog feature on our website called Life’s Address. Read More