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Benefits Of Buying A New Construction Home

Finding a home that checks all your boxes in your ideal neighborhood can leave you frustrated by bidding wars, seemingly endless searches or expensive renovations. While trying to decide if a resale home or new construction is right for you, there are several factors to consider. Buying a new construction home can have several advantages. Let’s explore.

“I Love Home Maintenance!” — Said No One Ever
New construction homes require less maintenance. Why? Literally everything from the appliances to the wiring to the roof are brand new. This means you’ll better be able to predict your monthly homeownership costs, since you’ll spend less to maintain your home. You also won’t have to deal with the stress of predicting when an older home might need costly out-of-pocket repairs. So go ahead, take that vacation.

Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger
With new construction homes, smart technology is often included, allowing you to automate your thermostat, doors, internet, cable, speakers—even an alarm system. They also have more efficient insulation, upgraded windows and HVAC systems, all which translate into lower utility bills. And for those with allergies to consider, new homes often use low- and zero-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and building materials, improving indoor air quality and making for an overall better living experience.

The Space You Need, Minus The Space You Don’t
New homes provide the opportunity to get exactly what you want. Resale homes can be dark, boxy and closed in and require renovation to function for your lifestyle. New homes are customized upfront—from floor plans and paint colors to fixtures and flooring. You can even place outlets where you want them! New homes feature modern architecture, with open-concept living spaces, larger and brighter rooms, bigger closets and additional bathrooms—but skip the rooms you don’t need, like formal dining and/or living rooms of older homes. New homes provide the ideal square footage that allows space for entertaining without becoming unmanageable.

No Mystery. No History.
A new home has never been lived in by anyone, ever! It’s untouched and everything is perfectly clean. There’s something cool about being the first one to cook in your kitchen and the first person to enjoy your spa bathroom. You also don’t have to worry about the previous homeowner’s DIY disasters surprising you with an unexpected expense.

Protection, Guaranteed
Most new homebuilders, Onyx+East included, have warranties that protect components of your new home for years before you need to undertake any major repairs. The home’s major appliances and systems also include manufacturers’ warranties. That’s a lot of peace of mind, and a lot of money saved for more fun activities.

Don’t Settle For Second If First Is Available
Lastly, the time needed to complete new construction can provide some breathing room if you don’t need to move quickly. That means you may have less competition if your moving timetable is flexible, and you can up your chances at having the home you really want.

The choice to buy a new home or buy a re-sale home is a personal decision for each homebuyer and each has pros and cons. But now that you know the benefits of building a new home, you’ll have all the knowledge to make an informed decision.