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Forget renting. Do this instead.

So, you want to stop paying rent and make the move toward homeownership. But you’re really stuck. Your lifestyle isn’t just one thing, so your must-have list is long. Really long.

First, you need a spacious, open-concept kitchen so you can finally host your friends (and maybe even impress your parents) for meals at your place. You work at home right now—maybe forever. Plus, your dog needs some grass in his life, you want to walk to trails, bars and restaurants and the more you think about it, you really do need that guest bedroom… A big luxe bathtub would be nice. Maybe a dog wash…

Here’s the reality. Now, you’re one of those people you see on shows like House Hunters. “How could these people possibly afford all that with their budget?” But, guess what?

Here are four reasons you don’t have to settle for a home that doesn’t meet your needs just because you’re buying your first one.


1. Ditch the rent! Yes, you can afford it!

Alloy by Onyx+East offers a boutique collection of new, single-family homes at attainable price points—so you can finally stop sharing walls with your neighbors.

  • Priced from the $250k’s, low monthly mortgage payments are comparable to rents at most luxury Indianapolis apartments.
  • If you’re single, the quality living space and location will make securing a roommate easy, so you can offset mortgage payments even more.
  • Owning a new home frees you from unexpected (and often costly) home repairs, so you can own your place without living off microwave noodles.
  • New homes aren’t outdated, so save on upgrades. You’re not handy, and even if you were, who wants to spend a weekend replacing baseboards?
  • Energy-efficient appliances, windows, electrical and HVAC help you save money on utility bills while also making you a better citizen of the earth.
  • The builder warranty and 10-year structural warranty offer peace of mind for years to come.

2. It’s not too big, but not too small…

Alloy homes are just right. Your first home needs to be spacious enough for all the other firsts in your life: hosting a holiday, moving in with your significant other or maybe even having your first child. But, this same home must also be manageable enough that you’re not cleaning or working in the yard every weekend. With single- and two-story options from 1,250 to 2,200 square feet, Alloy homes feature expansive open floor plans, designer kitchens, two-car garages and private yards—because your bulldog Spike needs his space, too.

3. You’ll know your neighbors

Alloy homes are built in established, yet rapidly developing neighborhoods full of character, which provides an opportunity for you to invest in a fresh, brand-new home with convenient access to nearby work and entertainment destinations in Indianapolis. Be involved in your community and support neighborhood businesses in a healthy, green and community-oriented atmosphere. The walkable and bikeable lifestyle allows for easy city access, whether you are walking to school or work or heading to your local coffee spot. This easy connection to city amenities will make your friends want to buy an Alloy home, too.

4. It’s smart—literally

Never miss a UPS delivery or wonder if you left your garage door open. Each Alloy home is designed with assortment of lifestyle options that make it personal—including the latest smart-home technologies that integrate with money-saving and energy efficient devices. After all, connectivity is king, so these don’t cost extra.

  • Energy-Efficient Windows, Electric and HVAC
  • Sleek Energy Star Rated Appliances
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Garage Door
  • Video Door Bell

As you can see, Alloy by Onyx+East has worked hard to create homes that meld the perfect combination of home and location, so you don’t have to choose. So, what are you waiting for? Get the house you really want.

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About Onyx+East

Onyx+East develops residential properties in desirable neighborhoods with convenience and modern living in mind. By making a conscious effort to research and consider lifestyle, preferences and experiences that residents want, Onyx+East created a for-sale lifestyle product people desire—including open floor plans with practicality, walkability and bikeability in mind. Through creativity, innovation and sustainability, Onyx+East develops communities that are changing the way people live, work and “do life.”