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What's In a Name: Onyx+East

One thing I love about Onyx+East is the value we place on the names we choose for communities, streets, floorplans and even our conference rooms.  Each name is thoughtfully chosen with the goal of accentuating an identity that is found in the history or location of what is being named.  In future posts, we will look closer at some of the names we have selected and explain the significance of each. 
Because every O+E team member has likely been asked about the origins of our company name, it seems fitting to start there.
When O+E began, the company founders wanted a name that was as unique as the homes and communities we build and would help define our approach to building and development. 
The Onyx+East name comes from the idea of blending the abstract and the literal, the beautiful and the practical. Onyx stones are made of multiple layers giving the stones the resiliency, strength, and beauty that makes them desirable.  “East” provides a literal and dependable constant.  It is an unchangeable direction that gives confidence and security.
Like an onyx stone, each O+E home and every O+E community is different and attractive.  Our goal is to work with homeowners to create a home for them that is as unique as they are.   Also, as a team, we strive to be as dependable as a fixed direction.  We want to provide our homeowners with the quality, communication, and a positive experience that they can count on.

– Eric Jefferson, Director of Sales