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Interior Design Trends: 2020

flat lays of pieces in our townhomes

The pendulum is always swinging for design trends. Out of all of the newest trends this year; patterns on patterns, bold monochromatic colors, two-tone kitchens, etc… it is clear that they all focus on two things: personality and uniqueness.

Design trends experts predict homeowners will start to reveal a lot about themselves through their style choices. There are some fundamental ways homeowners can do this through their home’s interior:

  • The easiest way to achieve this is through color. This could be the paint on the walls, the color of a sofa, or the artwork; these all will completely change the perception of a room.
  • Lighting is a great way to bring personality into a home. Light fixtures can be modern, traditional, simple, or grand and come in plenty of color options. The best part about light fixtures? They can easily be changed out when a homeowner wants to freshen up a space.
  • The entire kitchen! The kitchen is the focal point of a home. There are so many design elements in the kitchen that can alter the overall atmosphere of the home, for example: cabinet colors, counter-top material (as well as color), appliance finishes, plumbing fixtures, lighting, back-splash, flooring, etc.

One of the many benefits of working with Onyx+East is we have numerous interior options to help homeowners achieve a personalized home building experience. Homeowners have the benefit of working with an interior designer to customize their home, whether that be through one of our curated packages or doing all of their finishes a la carte.

In 2020, we have launched our “packages” that have been developed based on the style of four different trend setting cities (Glasgow, Milan, Paris, and Oslo).  The packages come in different price points based on what our buyers feel are the most important elements in their home.

We are focused on providing homeowners their Life’s Address. If you have any new design trends you’d like to see us offer, send us an email at

– Allison Schantz, Design and Marketing Coordinator