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Preserving History: Old Northside Clock

The clock that stands tall at the corner of 16th and Central Ave. in Indianapolis is cherished by the residents of Historic Old Northside.  It serves as a beacon, welcoming travelers into the neighborhood and Downtown Indianapolis.  In 2005, this clock was dedicated to Curtis Heflin who served as president of the Old Northside Neighborhood Association and was a respected leader, builder and visionary.  Mr. Heflin played a major role in the transformation and development of  Old Northside.  Most importantly he was a treasured husband, father and friend.  Under the clock, a time capsule was buried commemorating Mr. Heflin and the Old Northside Neighborhood.    

When Onyx+East built the Row Homes at 16th and Central, great care was taken to preserve this local treasure.   A box was built around the clock and fences surrounded the clock at all times.   A landscaping plan for the area under the clock was submitted and approved by IHPC and Old Northside and this area is now maintained by the homeowners Association at 16th + Central.

When you stop at the corner of 16th and Central, this clock will give you the time and, possibly, a new appreciation for the Historic Old Northside.

-Eric Jefferson, Director of Sales