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Reflecting on Our Vision

To support our belief in the growing demand for walkable, urban communities in Indianapolis, Onyx+East continues to pursue new locations to develop.  Our vision for every O+E project is to create a long-lasting, well-planned neighborhood that will positively impact the community at-large while offering a lifestyle of convenience for our residents giving them time to do what they enjoy with the people they value most.
As we push forward to the next location, we cannot help but to reflect back on our past and gratefully remind ourselves of how far we’ve come and the successful communities we’ve built.
Over the past 5 years, Onyx+East has introduced over 225 new homes into Downtown Indianapolis and the surrounding historic neighborhoods.  Recently, the National Association of Home Builders released a study on the economic impact that home building has on a community.   According to NAHB, the annually recurring impacts of building 100 homes in a typical state include $4.6 Million in income for residents of the state, $1.6 Million in taxes and other revenue for the state and local governments, and 78 jobs.
Based on this study, we can estimate that O+E has played an integral role in providing the following recurring impacts to the Indianapolis community:
·       $10.35 Million in income for residents of Indiana.
·       $3.6 Million in taxes and other revenue for the state and local governments.
·       176 jobs.
These are ongoing, annual impacts that result from the new homes being occupied and the occupants paying taxes and otherwise participating in the state economy year after year.  In addition to these broader impacts, our homes help support the local neighborhood economies, including restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, and service providers.
What we do stretches far beyond the walls of the Onyx+East office and the homes we produce.  We are very fortunate to serve our city and play a role in its economic growth as we serve our residents by building in locations that enhance their daily lives.  Stay tuned as we plan to launch several new communities in 2020.
–Eric Jefferson, Director of Sales