The O+E Difference

At Onyx+East, we feel strongly about making a difference in urban communities. That’s why we build in only emerging markets. Using our broad understanding of the lifestyle, preferences, and experiences our residents want, Onyx+East strives to be the first to build in up-and-coming neighborhoods. We transform communities by doing our research to choose only locations where our residents can live creatively and effectively.

Of course, anyone can say that. We do it, following our “TIE-IT” philosophy.



We believe the best results come from true partnership. Internally, our team works closely to develop and construct our homes with only the highest quality features and amenities. Then, we work one-on-one with our residents to select finishes, influence design and define their space. Together, we turn a blank canvas into a place residents can call home.



We are not just another homebuilder. We take great pride in creating a meaningful and definitive chapter in the lives of our residents. We fulfill our promises by maintaining transparent communication and encouraging a relationship, not just a transaction. We also volunteer in communities where we build. As we become good civic partners, we help stabilize neighborhoods by supporting local businesses, civic, and non-profit charitable organizations. Our goal is to create a community where our residents will become active neighbors, fully engaged in the city they love.



When you choose Onyx+East, you choose a team dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. We are committed to serving our residents by offering a high-quality home with beautiful design and high-end finishes. The most desirable building products and materials are our standard, not an upgrade.



One of the most significant features of Onyx+East properties is their close proximity to the best dining, shopping, and cultural landmarks of our communities. Simply put, we build cool places in urban areas. We constantly innovate to provide our residents with a lifestyle of convenience and sophistication.



We are thinkers. We are visionaries. We are envelope pushers. We identify neighborhoods that are on the fringe of progress, in areas that need revitalization. We treat every project as a work of art, with the goal being to pull people back to urban cores. We transform neighborhoods by forming partnerships with local businesses and community leaders and by providing a spark that creates other opportunities for municipalities.