Staff Spotlight: Bill Knoop

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Meet Bill Knoop, Operations Associate at Onyx+East! Bill came to Onyx+East as part of Orr Fellowship in January 2016. Orr Fellowship was started when Indianapolis was growing into a start-up friendly business environment. The problem was that young people who wanted to work for start-ups wanted to move to places like the Silicon Valley or NYC. So, Orr Fellowship remedied this by bringing highly talented individuals to Indianapolis to develop their leadership skills and continue their education while also giving them the chance to build their own network while in the program.

What is your job at Onyx+East? My official title is Operations Associate, which means I have my hands in a lot of different things here. A large part of what I do is market research, so I help determine what price and product works with a specific site. This also encompasses strategizing how our product would fit into new markets. Because of that, I do a lot work with the acquisition and development process to get a project off the ground.

Why should people buy from Onyx+East? We provide homes in unique and urban environments. We build strong communities that are walkable and promote an easy lifestyle. For instance, our Park 10 project is near Mass Ave and is accessible to other downtown amenities that you wouldn’t necessarily have in the suburbs.

What is the best part about living in downtown Indianapolis? You’re pretty much close to everything that’s going on. You can walk to restaurants, breweries, or sporting events.  There is always something happening on the weekends.  If you have to drive somewhere, downtown Indianapolis provides a central location for quick access to the airport, Carmel or other suburbs.

What makes Onyx+East unique from other builders? We have a very modern product.  We’re the only developer building multiple, larger-scale townhome and condo communities downtown.  We’re the true urban homebuilder in Indianapolis.

What is your favorite feature in an Onyx+East home? I like the open layouts and being able to walk in and see all the natural light in the room.  Also, the ability to customize portions of the home is something cool and unique.

What do you like to do in your free time? I like to socialize and hang out with friends. I like reading up on news and current events and I am very active with Orr Fellowship. When I have a bigger chunk of free time, I like to travel.

What was your first ever job:  My parents own a bar/restaurant in Charleston, Illinois.  When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I would sell jelly beans to people who were at the bar.  I guess this was my first try at a real start-up business. 

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