Protecting a Treasure

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The clock that stands tall on the corner of 16th and Central is cherished by the residents of Indianapolis’ Historic Old Northside. It serves as a beacon, welcoming travelers into the neighborhood and Downtown Indianapolis. In 2005, this clock was dedicated to Curtis Heflin who served as president of the Old Northside Neighborhood Association and was a respected leader, builder and visionary.

Mr. Heflin played a major role in the transformation and development of the Old Northside. Most importantly he was a treasured husband, father and friend. Under the clock, a time capsule is buried commemorating Mr. Heflin and the Old Northside Neighborhood in 2004.    

"During the construction of our project at 16th and Central, the clock will be protected and it will continue to be a focal point of the Old Northside,”  said David Foster, Director of Construction for Onyx+East. “The plan is to add a path and a variety of plantings that will improve the corner and help the clock stand out even more.”

Construction begins this week at 16th and Central and will continue through the fall. A 6’ fence has been erected around the clock during construction.

You can learn more about our project at 16th and Central, which includes features such as rooftop decks, private backyards and 2-car garages, here


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