Onyx+East Developing Three New Projects Downtown in 2017

Onyx+East announces three new developments downtown! Read more about these projects in the link below or on our website.


Staff Spotlight: Eric Jefferson

Meet Eric Jefferson, the new Director of Sales and Marketing at Onyx+East! Eric started his career as a framing carpenter and homebuilder. Since then, he has worked for various builders and developers around Indianapolis and Florida. Find out more about Eric and his journey to Onyx+East in his staff spotlight!

What is your job title? I’m the Director of Sales and Marketing at Onyx+East. Day to day, I work with a team on the planning of future projects and the marketing of current...

Urban Indianapolis Green Spaces

Just because you live in a city doesn’t mean that you have to give up nature. Downtown Indianapolis has over 350 acres of green spaces, trails, parks and waterways for its residents to enjoy, helping to make it one of the most liveable cities.

Green spaces offer so many advantages to Indianapolis beyond being places to gather; they filter pollutants from the air helping regulate air quality, provide shade, reduce heat buildup and even improve mental health. Seeing a green space in an...

Housing Boom Hits Herron Morton

Our 22nd and Alabama project is in the highly desirable Herron-Morton neighborhood.  Learn more about the growth of this area and Old Northside in the link below.  



Team Spotlight: Cheryl Hester

We couldn’t do what we do without having an incredible team that backs us up. Each month, we’ll feature an employee of Onyx+East so that you can get to know the faces behind our company. This month, we’re excited for you to meet Cheryl Hester, New Sales Home Representative at Onyx+East!

What is your job at Onyx+East? What do you do day to day? From phone calls to contracts to meeting new people, walk-through appointments to closing, I do it all, I’m twirling like a...